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Can’t get enough of the HULKBUSTER? Here’s another one for you!


AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON was one of the biggest hits at the blockbuster this year. A successful movie normally means tons of merchandising for the property and we sure got a lot of Avengers merchandise before and after the movie.

One of the memorable characters from Age of Ultron was Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor! Since the trailer everyone wanted to see it in action. After the movie, it seems that everyone too wanted to take it home. If you’ve seen the Hulkbuster Armor, what’s not to love about it? Its one big, eye-catching, ass-kicking piece of armor in Iron Man’s armory!

It seems that there’s a lot of clamor for the Hulkbuster armor. After a number of statues and action figures announced/released we can’t seem to get enough of the Hulkbuster armor.

iron_man_hulkbuster_1_9_scale_diecast_action_figure_by_king_arts_2 iron_man_hulkbuster_1_9_scale_diecast_action_figure_by_king_arts_3 iron_man_hulkbuster_1_9_scale_diecast_action_figure_by_king_arts_4 iron_man_hulkbuster_1_9_scale_diecast_action_figure_by_king_arts_5 iron_man_hulkbuster_1_9_scale_diecast_action_figure_by_king_arts_6


Toy manufacturer, King Arts is set to release a 1/9 scale Hulkbuster. Towering at 16″ tall, King Arts Hulkbuster is fully articulated with LED lighs on its head, chest, arms and legs. Another cool thing about this Hulkbuster Armor is that its chest open wherein you can fit an actual Iron Man figure! Conveniently, King Arts has its own Iron Man Mark 43 armor to go along with this bad boy of an action figure!

iron_man_hulkbuster_1_9_scale_diecast_action_figure_by_king_arts_7 iron_man_hulkbuster_1_9_scale_diecast_action_figure_by_king_arts_1

King Arts Hulkbuster also packs a big punch to your wallet. This action figure is reported to retail at about $650 without the Mark 43, $840 including the Mark 43. King Arts is scheduled to release its Hulkbuster early next year.

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