Posted January 13, 2017 by Norby Ela in Gaming

Its Apollo Creed’s Birthday! Play him in ROCKY!

Please join us in wishing Apollo Creed – The King of Sting, The Dancing Destroyer, The Prince of Punch, and The Count of Monte Fisto – a very happy birthday (January 14th). Apollo is showcased in ROCKY™, a free iOS game (coming soon for Android) which features other such protagonists as Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago among 37 other fighters. With realistic action and reliable trainer Mick by your side, climb up the fighter rankings or play one-on-one to give Apollo a birthday surprise he won’t soon forget!

  • Fight Rocky’s greatest opponents from the film franchise.
  • Challenge real players worldwide as you fight your way to the top. Receive and send challenges as you battle real-life opponents around the globe.
  • Build the ultimate fighter roster. Unlock new boxers as you build up your gym and accumulate rewards.
  • Unlock 37 different fighters.
  • Awesome time-tap fight mechanics, training mini-games, and perks that are unique to each boxer.
  • Train with Mick: Hit the gym and train to boost your stats with legendary trainer Mickey Goldmill.

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