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Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes is the latest MMORPG from Marvel and Gazillion Entertainment. It combines the elements of both comic books and MMORPGs. For Marvel fanboys you’d be glad to hear that the main writer of the storyline for Marvel Heroes is none other than Marvel’s own Brian Michael Bendis. The game lets you relive the comic book story lines which makes the game more enjoyable, its like you’re playing the game right out of the comic book. For the gamers, you’d easily be familiar with the controls and gameplay as this was developed by David Brevik, the person behind Diablo and Diablo II. So whether you’re a comic book or a video game fan or may be both (like myself) you’d find something in this game that you’d surely like.

I originally planned on writing this review after I finish the game so that I can share with you the full Marvel Heroes Experience. I’ve already played the game close to 15 hours since I started last week, I almost finished the game, I was  about to face the final boss  if it weren’t only for the scheduled system maintenance.

Sentinel stand-off. (screenshot taken from steamcommunity.com)

The game was previewed a few weeks before the worldwide release last June 4, 2013. The game is free to play and you can download the game at www.marvelheroes.com. You need to install this game online and you need to download the full 11 gig to play the game.  This is one of the issues I had with this game, as I actually tried to download it multiple times, the download keeps on restarting each time I paused it and start the next day. I complained about it at Marvel’s Customer Support and I was glad that somebody did reply to my complaint, created a ticket and even did a follow-up on the resolution. I work in customer service and I would have to say that Marvel Heroes Customer Support is definitely commendable for something that is free to play. In case you’d experience the same issue, try downloading the game through Steam (http://store.steampowered.com/) which was the resolution Marvel Heroes provided as well.

You start the game by selecting any of the 5 free characters; Thing, Scarlet Witch, Daredevil, Hawkeye and Storm while other heroes are purchased in the game.  The game isn’t customizable like other MMOs as you wouldn’t be able to create your own hero. You may see other players with the same characters when you’re starting out but you’d have different skill sets. You still have Health and Spirit (Mana) plus your skills and items. Unlike traditional RPGs where your player is either a swordman, a wizard or a ranged fighter, the skill set of this game is unique to that particular hero, only Wolverine would have adamantium claws and Spider-man his webs.  As you slowly progress through the game you could pick-up special costumes, even characters themselves or you could just simply purchase them through the store.

As you play this game you’ll definitely have a few fanboy moments like fighting off a Sentinel or travelling to the X-Mansion. This game is barely a month old and there’s still a lot of room for the game to improve on. The developers of this game are aware of the players feedbacks and are immediately addressing it through game updates. On its second week, the game already had its first update which addresses certain character’s damage and defense levels.  For seasoned gamers, this game could be an acquired taste, as it grows on you but for Marvel fans this is certainly one of the games that we’ve all been waiting for.

Cyclops vs Juggernaut (screenshot taken from steamcommunity.com)

The Avengers (screenshot taken from steamcommunity.com)


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