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MINECRAFT Remake of STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE in the Works!

Minecraft players are no strangers to recreating famous science fiction and fantasy worlds, but one user is taking this hobby to a whole new level by recreating the whole Star Wars: A New Hope movie – with the finished piece scheduled to come out next year!

Minecraft Star Wars 2

Last Monday, Minecraft user Paradise Decay released a new trailer for the movie depicting some familiar locations and scenes in the Star Wars universe. The movie has been under development for over three years and counting, with Paradise Decay pouring an immense amount of work into building all the film’s characters, environments, and vehicles in the virtual world.

Minecraft Star Wars 4

Minecraft Star Wars 1

Some of the structures and environments proved so complex that it took Paradise Decay around six months to build them in perfect detail. In a corresponding blog update, he also noted that the project does not use any mods – only custom textures and art.

The plot will follow George Lucas’ 1977 classic, with around 70 minutes of the original 125-minute film footage now completed. Viewers will have to watch the fan-film while synced to the original DVD audio, since the Minecraft version will not include an audio track.

Minecraft Star Wars 3

The project has already received praise from Mojang, Lucasfilm, and the Star Wars uncut team! Once finished, the movie will be made available for free on Paradise Decay’s blog.

Until then, enjoy some cool movie previews from Paradise Decay’s YouTube page!

Latest trailer:

30-minute film footage:

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