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Welcome to the Infinite Worlds with MINECRAFT: POCKET EDITION – The Biggest Update to Date!

Mojang is bringing Minecraft: Pocket Edition, the game’s mobile version, ever closer to its PC counterpart this coming July 10 with its biggest update to date!

As stated in Mojang’s website, Version 0.9.0 will bring some of Minecraft‘s definitive PC version components to iOS and Android users. One of the most anticipated features being infinite worlds, which allows players to keep on walking in any direction endlessly, giving the mobile version more of an open world feel.

Players can also expect some more diverse and detailed environments to explore thanks to the addition of new and updated biomes including Redwood Taiga, Mushroom Island, mesas, swamps, jungles and extreme hills. The update will also be introducing villages with NPC villagers, a feature that was previously unavailable for the mobile version.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft Enderman

Aside from peaceful villagers, players will be seeing the likes of Slimes, Endermen, Wolves, Mooshrooms, and Silverfish with the update’s addition of five new mobs.

The Android version will offer a new Immersive Mode as well, supported by devices using Android 4.4 and up. Immersive mode gets rid of the navigation buttons altogether, lessening the likelihood of a player accidentally pressing them.

Minecraft Swamp

Unfortunately, it looks like some older devices may not be able to handle the infinite worlds feature. In any case, players can still connect to infinite worlds through the game’s multiplayer mode.

Other changes include the addition of new blocks and features, tweaked caves, abandoned mine shafts, wolf companions, several bug fixes, and user interface modifications.

Just this April Mojang’s Jens Bergensten revealed that the mobile version sold over 21 million copies. By bringing the mobile user an experience highly similar to the original PC version, Mojang may enjoy an even bigger boost in Minecraft: Pocket Edition‘s success.

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