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MOBILE GAME REVIEW: The bird that would make you angry, FLAPPY BIRD


These past few days you might have noticed on your different social media news feed about the newest mobile game FLAPPY BIRD. FLAPPY BIRD developed by Gear Studios is the latest craze in mobile gaming to date. It’s the top trending app/game in both the Google Play Store and App Store. In the world of mobile games people seem to move on from one game to another, not a lot of games seems to last. A mobile games lifespan seem to depend on people’s attention span before they move on to the next hit. We have seen different mobile games rise to popularity, games like Temple Run (and a hundred other games based on the same format), Plants vs Zombies and i guess the longest lasting mobile game that up to this day, I havent even played (and still have no plans of playing), Candy Crush and of course, the other set of birds, the Angry Birds.

Flappy Bird is a side scrolling puzzle game, the objective of this game is maneuvering FLAPPY BIRD through set of pipes, you tap your phone to let FLAPPY BIRD ascend and release to descend. The goal of Flappy Bird is to pass through as many pipes as you could without getting hit even once, sound simple right?  That is until you play the game. After downloading the game, you look at it and say to yourself; “This game looks simple enough. I can do this” and then the next moment you’re dead, GAME OVER. That’s all there is too it, nothing more, just pass through as many pipes as you could and try beating all of your friends’ high(or low whichever you prefer) scores.

This game would absolutely test your PATIENCE! Believe me, this is not like any other mobile game you’ve ever played. This game has no difficulty setting or learning curve, the moment you tap the screen it’s the real deal. It doesn’t prepare you for the disappointment to come, trust me, there’d be a number of attempts before you even get to pass a single pipe. I don’t know what particular skill you need to have to excel in this game. In my news feed, I’ve seen friends gained scores up to 90s and a few even 100s, how’d they do it? I don’t know I probably wouldn’t even bother asking.

Most mobile games help you pass the time and relives stress but don’t expect this game to do the same. FLAPPY BIRD would simply blow your minds out. Hahaha. Im just kidding but  FLAPPY BIRD bought a whole new level to the word difficult. I actually commend the developers of this game, it’s simply designed and reminds you of the 8bit graphics of Super Mario Bros, the setting, the pipes, the color and even Flappy Bird looks like something that Mario would encounter in one of his worlds. As far as longevity, I don’t think that this game has it. Its fun at the beginning and it was able to trend and generate enough buzz but due to its difficulty settings I don’t think it would last as long as the other popular mobile games. For me, I had my 10 minutes of fun but I think its about time that I quit, I would be uninstalling the game after I write this review before I get to the point that I smash my phone. If you have the patience, the skill and if you like puzzle games then probably you’d enjoy this game. I may have sounded harsh in this review (out of sheer frustration), FLAPPY BIRD is not a bad game, it just doesn’t work for me.


Game Over. The highest score I was able to get before I quit.

RATING: 5/10

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