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Sony’s E3 2017 Conference Recap

Sony’s E3 2017 Press Conference is a wrap. They showed a lot of great games set to release within the next year. Even better that they’re all mostly PlayStation exclusives, though not enough for me to forget that they didn’t announce Bloodborne 2, or anything about the rumored PlayStation Vita’s successor.

Here’s all the stuff they showed at their E3 2017 conference:

Uncharted: Lost Legacy Trailer

Sony showed off more of their upcoming Uncharted 4 standalone expansion in this new trailer. I really didn’t care much for this when it was first revealed, but it seems Lost Legacy will have a really compelling story around it. Watch out for this to come out in a couple months.



Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds DLC Trailer

Horizon Zero Dawn is getting a DLC, showcasing a new area covered in thick snow (likely Banuk homeland) and a menacing mountain engulfed in a perpetual storm. Expect this to come out later this year.



Days Gone Gameplay Trailer

Sony unveiled even more of Days Gone, giving a longer look at gameplay for this zombie-infested post-apocalypse third person adventure. The game looks and feels like The Last of Us, but the zombies here are dynamic and numerous, acting more like an environmental hazard that individual threats.



Monster Hunter World Announcement Trailer

Fans rejoice, PlayStation will once again have a Monster Hunter title. A little late if you ask me, we just buried the PlayStation Vita. But hey, better late than never I guess. Expect this to come out sometime next year.



Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Trailer

Less like a remaster and more like a remake. Sony showed off Shadow of the Colossus for the PS4. The original was really good and its gameplay stands the test of time, but this remake will dress it up with the splendor of modern day graphics.



Call of Duty WWII Multiplayer Trailer

We also saw more of CoD WWII, which, to be honest, really doesn’t seem much different from Battlefield 1. This game is set to release on November 3 of this year.



PlayStation VR Games

A bunch of new VR games revealed at the show floor, one of which is Final Fantasy XV’s full-fledged fishing game. Some were good, some were meh, but most seems to be PSVR exclusives. Nevertheless, it’s a good sign for Sony’s PlayStation VR.



God of War 4 Trailer

It’s been a year since we saw more of this God of War. This trailer gives us a better idea of what this game is going to be. Maybe it’s his old age, but Kratos now fights with the camera over his shoulder, For Honor styles. He might not be flailing his Chaos blades AoE styles like he used to, but expect him to still fight colossal bad guys in this father-and-son trip simulator. Expect to see all the graphics in 2018.



Detroit Become Human Trailer

Detroit looks as interesting as it did last year, still showcasing its open-ended narrative in this new trailer. You play as Marcus, a robot leading a revolt against the humans. The story is shaped by your decisions, resulting in different outcomes for every scenario. Like Heavy Rain, Detroit Become Human will likely feature more than one playable character, possibly on both sides of the rebellion. Plus, it looks really good.



Spider-Man Gameplay Trailer

Sony saved their best for last, showing off some sweet new gameplay from Insomniac’s hot new Spider-Man title, and so far, it seems they’re on the right-est of tracks. The demo showed off some stealth gameplay, gadgets, and dynamic combat, all seemingly inspired by the Arkham games. They also showed some web-slinging, parkour, interactable objects, and even QTEs, likely also taking cues from Spiderman 2, considered to be the best Spiderman game yet.

The game showed off impeccable visuals, and the later half of the demo showed some interesting sequences that hint at a robust story mode. Miles Morales was hinted to be in Spider-man, though still unclear whether it’s just a cameo or if he’ll be having a larger role in the game’s narrative.


Sony showed a ton of other trailers on the side, including a story trailer for MVC Infinite and Destiny 2, revealing exclusive PlayStation content at launch as it has been for all of the original Destiny’s expansions.

Sony’s E3 2017 Conference might have been a tad underwhelming, but there’s still hope for an even better show for Sony’s PlayStation Expo later this year. Fingers crossed!

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