Posted November 19, 2014 by Jom Guiao in Movies/TV

Frieza Comes Back to Life in “DRAGON BALL: FUKKATSU NO F”

Akira Toriyama confirmed that Frieza will be the main antagonist in the upcoming Dragon Ball movie, DRAGON BALL Z: FUKKATSU NO F.
As you can imagine, the “F” in the title stands for Frieza. Toriyama claims that he got the idea while listening to the Japanese band Maximum the Hormone, who he is friends with.
A promotional image for the movie has been revealed in the Shueisha’s V Jump magazine. In it several key characters are shown, as well as the antagonist from Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, Beerus.
The premise of the movie is that Sorbet and Tagoma, remnants of Frieza’s army, are trying to use the dragon balls to revive their master. They succeed in collecting all seven and their wish to revive Frieza is granted.
Tadayoshi Yamamuro, animator for the original series, will be directing the project. The movie will be released on April 18 in Japan in both 2D and 3D fromats.

Jom Guiao