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The Wonders of Fandom in House of Cards Season 3

Everyone has their own fandom, and that’s where communities created, the social media groups as well as that sharing their love and enthusiasm. Needless to say, fandoms is an effective way of bringing people together. The opportunity of getting an invite of an advance screening of your favorite show is a delight to everyone, that’s for sure. It’s a rewarding, yet a religious experience as it feels like the creators give you their warm gratitude.

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Walking in the press screening was beyond surreal, there’s that awe that you can feel on the atmosphere, the posters featuring Frank and Claire Underwood’s ruthless demeanor does not only gives that chills but you can’t help the fact to geek out.

Like the idea of fandom, the event itself was exciting, welcoming, the RTL-CBS peeps were amazing and gracefully courteous  folks, their smiles amped up the guests’ enthusiasm not only on the event, but they also share that excitement with us.  Before the screening, Jonas Engwall, the CEO of the Asia branch Rene Esguerra, the channel’s local head expressed their enthusiasm on launching the third season same time as the US.

Mr. Engwall also mentioned that other shows like The Odd Couple, Extant, America’ Got Talent as well as award shows such as SAG (Screen Actors Guild) will have the same telecast in order to catch up with the rest of the world. From the looks of it, it’s a great way of uniting the viewers and alike for a more engaging television experience


And to sum up the whole screening itself without spoiling, Season 3 in contrast to season 2’s bloated, clichéd narrative, you can feel that this season has the whole “Season 3” brand in it. Judging from the first two episodes alone, there’s the narrative’s electrifying, cutthroat tension kind of pacing, we get to see a different light of Frank Underwood as president. Taking away his scheming counterpart from the previous seasons, he faces actual problems and stakes, this gives Kevin Spacey the opportunity to take his performance in a higher level, and it paid off well, he juggles some intensity and vulnerability to Frank Underwood like we’ve never seen before. The stakes doesn’t show off any pretense, the decision-making was just spine chilling, even with a single yes or no could turn the tide.


Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood also fares equally with Spacey. From a co-conspirator Ice Queen on the previous seasons, she takes Claire on her own, not simply the first lady, but an ambitious, driven individual, Wright brilliantly takes grasp of sheer confidence and determination in a graceful manner that connects on the quintessential form of self-esteem.

For the third season I could describe it as cold, relentless and nerve-wrecking, viewing experience that’ll make you keep on watching more episodes, as it manifests the binge-watching experience.

Thankfully, the screening ended a high note and proved that television has never looked this good, its phenomenal experience and also an amazing way of gathering fans, passionate organizers as well as newcomers. Here’s to hoping that there’s more to come.

Special thanks to RTL-CBS Entertainment and Sony for the invites.

You can catch House of Cards Season 3 every Wednesdays at 9:55P.M. on RTL CBS Entertainment Channel 53 on Sky Cable.

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