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Young and Heartless recently released their latest music video for Noisecreep, a track off of their album, Stay Away. Earlier this year, Young and Heartless released their first music video for Stay Away entitled Fevers.

Noisecreep according to the band’s vocalist and guitarist, Jeremy Henniger; “[The song] is about feeling like you have too many faults to deserve to be close to anyone. Just a weirdo, a noisecreep, if you will. Noisecreep’ shares ties emotionally with the rest of the album. Though it is one of the slower, more atmospheric songs on the album, it fits in well with some of the more lyrically dense songs because of the near-comically dark undertones. You can expect the rest of the album to touch the same feelings as ‘Noisecreep’ Although some of the other songs were written to pull you in deeper, ‘Noisecreep’ is a nice preface to the plunge.”

The band has this to say about their album, Stay Away; “Our new album ‘Stay Away’ is an emotional rabbit-hole, and writing it as well as listening to it now, we continually find ourselves in a different place than we expected. It compliments our past, but as a whole it was a radical change in our songwriting. Working with Will Yip was a pleasure; he is nothing short of a visionary. Not only did he work with us to create a great sounding album, he believed in the entire project.”

Young and Heartless is a band from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Conceived in 2011, and solidifying their lineup the following year, the group is composed of Jeremy Henninger (vocals/guitar), Bryan Tricarico (guitar), Jake Lepley (drums), and Britain Weyant (bass). The quartet have spent countless months on the road touring throughout North America, supporting the release of two EPs- 2012’s Strange World, 2013’s Death in Color (KatKat Records), and one full-length LP entitled The Pull of Gravity (2014 Mayfly Records, reissue 2015 Hopeless Records).

Currently, Young and Heartless is on tour with Saosin.

You can get a copy of the album here.


Stay Away Track Listing:

1. Fevers
2. Noisecreep
3. Stay Away
4. Bad Brain
5. Misery on Misery
6. Fall
7. Nightwalking
8. Punch Drunk (LOA)
9. Heaven Nights
10. The Blinds
11. Strange Lows
12. Kids

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