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a KOMIKON Experience – PART 1

I know, I know, KOMIKON 2010 seems so far away in the past, and me writing about is very overdue. Better late than never as the saying goes. Though readers beware!, this article is somehow a report, a review, or a criticism, whatever you want to look at it. But, please keep in mind, that this article was made with GOOD intentions. So here it is, my KOMIKON 2010 experience – straight from the bottom of my heart! Hah! Enjoy!

I first attended KOMIKON back in 2007 or 2008 i think, when i was just starting on my first job and its also the time that my interest in comics grew. The event was still being held in the University of the Philippines (UP) – Bahay ng Alumni building, and if i remember it correctly it was known as UP Komikon. Back then when me and some of my friends just established Comic Kolektor Philippines or CKP, and we dediced to meetup at the event. I went there, only for the purpose of meeting them and to hunt down Green Lantern comics (Yes! imma BIG fan!).

During that time, i didn’t have any interest in indie komiks, and i didn’t really gave some time to go to their booths and check out their books. Years passed and it was inevitable that I’m gonna be reading Pinoy Komiks – especially since Flipgeeks supports Pinoy Komiks and creators. So when John Zamar, one of the organizers of KOMIKON 2010, invited Flipgeeks to join the event, we were happy to hop on board. For me it was another chance to know more about the Comics Industry in the Philippines, and meet and greet komiks creators too.

With KOMIKON having a change in venue – from UP Diliman to Starmall Edsa-Mandaluyong, i think its a better location since it was in a mall along Edsa avenue. It was also very accessible since there’s the MRT station just outside the mall! Since Starmall is not a big mall, it was easy to find the venue inside.

When i was inside, it was around lunch, and saw there was a lot of people. But what surprised me was the number of indy creators, artist, groups that joined the event. I decided that i should check out the other booths, if there were people selling stuff – toys, non-indy comics, collectibles, etc. There were about 3-6 booths/stores that i found. Most of them I’ve seen from other events before, and some of them were new. I saw Astig TV’s booth promoting their program giving out free stuff, Sputnik selling a lot of non-filipino indy books – this LCS (local comic store) by the way is known for selling local and international indy comics, so go check them out too. There were booths that were selling “geeky” shirts, and though some images they used clearly references known characters from DC, Marvel, etc. they are original, funny and cool!! There was a bat shirt, though the bat symbols is not a bat but a manananggal!, Iron man ironing clothes, Green Lantern holding up a christmas parol!! Of course i bought the GL shirt hehe.

Another booth, selling shirts and some hats!!

The biggest booth that i found was occupied by Comic Odyssey, and i was very glad to see them! Their booth was filled with their usual 20pesos comic bins, and they were jam-packed by people brushing elbows just to find good books! They had huge discounts with some of their Hardcover, TPBs – 50% off!!! yeah, you missed a lot if you didn’t attend the event.

Part 1 ends here, and we’ll be back so that we could bring you more stuff and insights regarding KOMIKON 2010!!

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