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Macoy’s ‘Ang Maskot’ Movie is Now in the Making

Yessiree! The rumors are true! ‘Ang Maskot‘ short film is now in the works. Ang Maskot is created by our local-famed comic book artist – Macoy. He announced the news yesterday at his blog, Mababang Langit. I don’t want to spoil the story while telling the synopsis, so I’ll just use the original synopsis of the comic: A disgruntled fastfood worker finds himself stuck inside his mascot costume. What will he do next? Find out in this funny and edgy story.


He wrote:  “yesterday was day one of shooting for “ang maskot,” a short film being produced for competition in this year’s cinemanila film festival. chris costello (of the much-missed sputnik comics) and mihk vergara are directing. i’ve been sworn to secrecy about many things, but i can tell you they’ve put together an ace production crew, a stellar cast, found some really great locations to match the scenes in the comic, and commissioned an actual jholeebird jingle that will make your ears bleed.”

 Preview of Macoy’s Ang Maskot in comic book form is HERE.

The directors of the short film are Chris Costello and Mihk Vergara, and will be passed as an entry for this year’s Cinemanila Film Festival.

As part of a local comic media website and as a local comic book creator,  and an acquaintance of Macoy, I would like to congratulate him, and bid him and his Ang Maskot short film a good success while the movie is in productions.

 More updates will be coming soon in Flipgeeks.

Photo by Macoy

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