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Marvel introduces MANIA, the female Venom

Recent solicitations have shown that Spider-man’s sister would be introduced with a graphic novel next year. This year Marvel introduces the latest addition to the growing web-family,  Mania, the female Venom.

Venom and Mania.


Venom, the symbiote now donned by Flash Thompson, is now a crime fighter who’s trying to make a name for himself in Philadelphia, is going up against the city’s underground crime organization.  Not much had been mentioned about how Mania would play a role in this story-line, however Venom writer, Callen Bunn mentioned that Mania would play a big role in the upcoming issues and revealed that she has more connection with the symbiote than Flash,  which makes her more lethal and more dangerous. Is Mania a hero or a villain? That we wouldn’t know until Venom # 38 comes out on 7/31/13.


cover for Venom #38



Publisher: Marvel

Writer:  Cullen Bunn

Cover Artist:  DeClan Shalvey


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