Posted January 15, 2016 by Mari Linsangan in Cosplay

Flipgeeks’ 2016 TOP 5 COSPLAY COSTUME Prediction

Now that cosplay has been getting bigger and bigger, a lot of cosplayers have started planning and putting their costumes for the upcoming conventions this year. Flipgeeks has made a list of the TOP 5 COSPLAY COSTUMES that we think will hit big this 2016!



Every cosplayer has their dream game cosplay and for this year, there are a lot of new games that are highly anticipated to rock your gaming consoles. After Tifa and Rinoa (let’s not forget Vincent, Cloud and Squall) reign the cosplay scene, there is a new batch of Final Fantasy characters that you should watch out. Final Fantasy 15 will soon be out and we are sure that we will be seeing some of the characters from the game sooner. Also, Street Fighter 5 also will get every cosplayer’s hype after their introduction of the new characters (Laura, anyone?).


Nathan Drake cosplayers too can get a new upgrade as the Uncharted 4 will be released this April. Persona 5 is also in the list of one of the most anticipated games this year, and we are sure that there’ll be cosplayers out there that will check out the characters.

Mari Linsangan

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