Posted April 12, 2012 by Tony Tuason in Gaming

First Images of METAL GEAR SOLID on the PS Vita

Want to know a reason why you should get a PS VITA?!?! Three letters — M G S.

Last year we saw the release of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection in the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. But this summer the MGS Collection will be portable, by getting the PS Vita – Sony’s new handheld device which succeeds the PSP and boasts specs that should be as good as the PS3’s. The MGS HD Collection features MGS2 Sons Of Liberty, MGS3 Snake Eater, Peacewalker. If the Vita version contains the MGS2: Substance, MGS3: Subsistence, and the MSX2 games – Metal Gear & Metal Gear: Solid Snake, we are still not sure. MGS HD Collection will be released in the PS Vita this summer.

Check out the first images of the PS Vita MGS Collection below, click images for larger view:

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