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An Old Favorite Set To Return In GAME OF THRONES Season Five!


As the fifth season of Game of Thrones’ production is underway, more and more updates come by, and the latest one involves a certain someone making a possible comeback to the show!

According to the German agency of the actor Tom Wlasicha(best known in the show as Arya Stark’s faceless man buddy Jaqen H’ghar), he’ll be filming an episode of Tarot, “Borowski und die armen Kinder von Gaarden,” and later on, he’ll be returning to film the fifth season this August.

Book Spoilers:

On A Feast for Crows, Arya arrives on Braavos, and started her faceless man training by the Kindly Man. Considering the casting call sheet that only includes the Waif; it could be possible that Jaqen will take over the role of Arya’s mentor since the showrunners have expanded their relationship.

At the end of season 4,  we saw Arya Stark boarding on a ship to Braavos(thanks to the Braavosi Iron Coin by Jaqen), which means that we’ll see more of Braavos, faceless men, and what’s in store for the upcoming arc next year. For the meantime, there’s no official word yet from HBO about the casting information. But nonetheless, it’ll be great to see him back on the show, regardless of what his character’s role will play.

Source: winteriscoming.net

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