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Batman, INC.

Revealed in the BATMAN panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, writer Grant Morrison will helm a new ongoing bat-book, BATMAN INC and no it’s not “Iglesia ni Cristo”.Since 2006, the flagship bat-book has always been where Morrison is. From “Batman” to “Batman and Robin”, “Return Of Bruce Wayne” and back to “Batman” again, and now continuing his Batman saga and possibly his last chapter , the corporate Batman – Batman, Inc.
With the not quite recently concluded Batman #700, which has 3 parts – past, present and future, it showed us that in the future that ‘Batman’ has somewhat been turned into an organization, stepping up from being a small unit into a larger one, a corporate one maybe? in the fight against crime and evil. So could this really be a foreshadowing of what will happen in Batman ? or just a loose , hazy future like the one in Batman #666.
As crazy as it may sound, Morrison tells us that it would be like a mashup of the Brave and the Bold cartoon, Just Cause and Modern Warfare 2 (MW2). Wait , he plays video games that we play ?! I haven’t played Just Cause 2, but i know that its an action game. MW2 on the other hand for me is THE BEST first person shooter – war game that i’ve played since the MW1 and Killzone 2 came out. With a Hans Zimmer soundtrack for MW2, it just made the gameplay experience even better. If Morrison manages to make BATMAN, INC action packed like MW2, and maybe while reading you can hear a Zimmer soundtrack inside your head , then no doubt this could be great. Morrison made a good job in setting up the tone and mood during Final Crisis, and given that the ‘Batman & Robin’ mood is so much different from his ‘Batman’ run, i can’t see it happening that BATMAN, INC can’t be like MW2 and JC.


Since he also hinted it will be like the Brave and the Bold cartoon, where Batman teams-up with other DCU characters every episode. Morrison tells us that BATMAN, INC will most probably be a team book where almost all characters of the Bat-family team up together with the dark knight. Huntress? Batwoman? Damian working with others ?! BRING IT ON!!!

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