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Honestly, I’ve never read Swamp Thing, But, I’ve heard from my peers about how Alan Moore delivered elustrious and brilliant stories during his run.

Scott Snyder is a big talent these days in the comic book industry. He has written amazing stories since he landed to DC/Vertigo Comics. From American Vampire to Detective Comics and Severed (creator owned miniseries on Image Comics), he is Marvel’s Jonathan Hickman in DC Comics. This is my primary reason on why I’m getting this book.

Snyder delivered the issue in his usual pattern of story building full of suspense, clever & dark narration and an intriguing mystery. So intriguing that it affected the worlds of Superman, Batman and Aquaman. His handle of Alec Holland distributed with good monologue. The approach of his character reminded of the same anguish and curse of Bruce Banner.

The story continued with horrific pages with the beautiful art of Yanick Paquette. It really complimented a whole lot with the story. With fierce creatures, beautiful plants, paneling and layouts were not wasted in these amazing pages. His take on Superman was striking. However, there were some panels of his Big Blue that I didn’t like. So far, in all DC-New 52 comics that’t I’ve read, this one is the best out there.

After reading this first issue with high expectations from the delivery of both writer and artist, it exceeded and surpassed very well. This is a good entry point for those who are interested for this title. They introduced Swamp Thing in the new universe of DC with high success

Note: I just wish Snyder-Paquette could also have done Action Comics.

Earl’s Take

This book was what I consider a sleeper hit. It had of course the gripping storytelling approach of Scott Snyder and the great and catchy art of Yannick Paquette. Ever since it was revealed that Swamp Thing and Alec Holland has folded back into the general DCU populace during the events of Brightest Day, it felt like it was a good thing and now things are definitely paying off for the character that was once the beacon of greatness thanks to the cool writing of Alan Moore.

The book’s biggest selling point in my opinion was the art. Paquette’s artwork was one of the things that I will sorely miss because of the hiatus on Batman Incorporated. Good thing though we have Swamp Thing to look forward to.

I admit that I have never been a big fan of DC’s mystical/ magic stories but with the addition of the rich lore that has been paved in back in the 80s and early 90s, I might just go and start researching and reading more about this character.

The cameo appearance of Superman and Batman was also a welcome treat in my opinion. This made the book more cohesive and a great reminder that the world that Swamp Thing and his former alter ego is a world where Kryptonian supergods and dark knight detectives live.

Verdict: Pass

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