Posted July 26, 2014 by Yuri Mangahas in Comics

SDCC ’14: DC Reveals Upcoming Animated Movie Lineup For 2015!

DC and Warner Bros. Animation dropped by at Comic-Con for the Attack On Arkham panel event earlier, and revealed a couple of bits about not just the said movie, but their slew of animated films for 2015.

After the Throne of Atlantis feature, they will be releasing Batman vs Robin, a movie which would take place at the same timeline as Son of Batman, and was said to be loosely based on Court of Owls. It was also mentioned that Bruce Timm will be directing and writing the story. The latter will be also helming the next entry – Justice League: Gods And Monsters, which will also occur at the same continuity as War. However, it will not be inspired by any existing comic book arc, and is thus, an original tale.

No other details were shared during the press event. But take note that DC and WB’s main panel will take place later today, and chances are, they’ll be announcing a lot of stuff than their previous micro-talks.

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