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Reviews: Avengers # 8

I’m back. After months of not being able to post, I am totally back. And I’m back with a vengeance. Starting with this great look at the issue Avengers # 9 written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by John Romita Jr.

Avengers # 9 in a nutshell is a bittersweet issue for me. It was an issue that runs two stories concurrently. One is the confrontation between Steve Rogers and the revelation of the Illuminati to most of the Avengers in Attilan. The other story deals with Parker Robbins aka the Hood as he gets sprung from jail and ultimately hooks up once again with lady love Madame Masque.

While the pacing for the storyline was good, I was expecting an all-out battle of sorts not an issue with 21 pages of talk and scheming with no actual movement. ITS JUST MORE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!

This sort of thing can happen in other books with the Avengers name on it but it should never happen on Avengers, this after all should be the flagship “EARTH SHATTERING” book that I’ve grown fond of reading after a lifetime of X-books.

Good points though is that the book seems to have a really solid plot. Plus Bendis seems hellbent on putting the Hood on a pedestal then just as quickly knock him down from it. Kinda makes you wonder if the guy was rescued from obscurity only to live as a day-to-day villain for the Avengers.

Quite frankly the whole Tony Stark/ Steve Rogers dilemna is getting really oversaturated. We’ve seen multiple books already of them hatin’ on each other then becoming buddies again. It’s like even their own company can’t find what their relationship is. Do they hate each other? Do they still hold grudges? Are they truly friends again? What is it then?

In closing, this is still a nice book to read although the sheer immensity and epicness of the story might not be sufficient for 21 nor 32 pages of story.

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