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KOMIKS REVIEW: Manila Accounts 1081: Prologue: The Binondo Attention Heist

The scene in the Filipino (Independent) Komiks scene is particularly small. Yet, year after year, I noticed a spike for the last two years since I joined in the community. Yeah, I know what you are thinking: “two years”? And, now I’m here reviewing local komiks by creators whom I got acquainted to and have them as my friends and my peers. Anyway, what I’m trying to say that is that almost every local creator, writer or artist know and oriented to everyone another. Especially, these two, Aaron Felizmenio & Wan Malinao Mananita… well, not much about, Wan. But he’s a good guy. He made ‘Ang Morion‘, and that s&@t counts! Aaron has his creator-owned komiks – Gwapoman 2000. He’s a swell guy and so fu&*%$*n’ talented with the water color brush. But, I swear!… I won’t be biased.

No matter, Manila Accounts 1081: Prologue: The Binondo Attention Heist. This book was given away for free during Comic Odyssey’s May 2012 – Free Comic Book Day event. Somehow, during the event, I didn’t get a copy and there were not a  lot to be handed away with a long epic line of a crowd. But here I am, luckily as can be, I somehow got one. Cutting to the chase, this book is about 4 criminals being chased by the police and getting away from them. The story book established a bit of the main characters, giving the hint (and after all, it is only a ‘prologue’), that it will slowly introduce and catch the background of all four characters and the individuals at the last page of the story. The type of storytelling of words were nice, it’s a kind of thing where if it is removed, you would still enjoy the heck out of the komiks. But, in placed, it compliments on what the writers were going for. The art were nice and you can just tell that, the style is different from the other komiks out there. My only jiff of insufficiency is the car chase between the police cars and the main characters getaway old-fashioned Volkswagen Buggy. It was too short. Maybe, I just watched Bourne films over-repeatedly, but I felt it could be executed well with another two pages. The fonts used also in those pages were bland. In the end, the last page makes up for it that would just excite you to get the next chapter, which I think, already came out during Summer Komikon or will be coming out this October’s Komikon. In addition, the back-up feature files were a treat and funny.

They described the genre of the book: Period Crime Dramedy. The way the story plays around the pages, it does a feel a bit of it. With just in a prologue book, it ain’t bad. I recommend that you should try this book out and it’s next issue. It ain’t bad.


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