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Start saving up LEGO fans! The LEGO GHOSTBUSTERS 30th Anniversary Set is COMING!


Kids my age who grew up watching the The GHOSTBUSTERS would be delighted to know that LEGO would be releasing a set based on our favorite cartoon series.  Originally conceptualized by Brent Waller, the LEGO GHOSTBUSTER 30th Anniversary set was submitted as an entry to LEGO CUUSOO, a place wherein people can submit their ideas as to what would be a good release for a LEGO set. If  your entry reaches 10,000 votes of support, the idea gets reviewed and has the possibility of being an official set! Brent Waller based his design on the blockbuster movie adaptation of the GHOSTBUSTERS which was released 30 years ago. The LEGO GHOSTBUSTER 30th Anniversary set would include the entire team of Winston Zeddemore, Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler along with Slimer and the ECTO-1.

Brent Waller’s video entry:

After the review, LEGO CUUSOO has made it official that the next set would be the GHOSTBUSTER 30th Anniversary. Here’s a video of the official announcement from LEGO CUUSOO:

Here are some of the sample pictures from the upcoming set. These designs according to LEGO CUUSOO are still being reviewed and may still change upon the final release.





With the recent success of THE LEGO MOVIE (review can be read here) and the release of THE SIMPSONS LEGO SET its only a matter of time before we see other characters being made into LEGO SETS!

You can learn more about the The LEGO GHOSTBUSTER 30th Anniversary set here.

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