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Toy Expo is a biennial event of Toy Kingdom which started in 2012. Every 2 years, we bring together well-loved toy brands and our customers for a weekend celebrating the joys of playing. Don’t have any plans for the weekend? Maybe you should head over to SMX Convention Center MOA! Here are 3 good reasons why you should attend this year’s Toy Expo 2016!


1. ADMISSION IS FREE. Yes, you heard that right! Admission is free. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Aside from toys, you also get to see awesome toy displays, get cool deals and freebies too! Don’t have a ride? Grab PH‘s got you covered! GrabCar your way to the Toy Kingdom Toy Expo 2016! Use promo code TKTOYEXPO to get Php50 OFF your GrabCar ride going to Toy Kingdom Toy Expo 2016 at SMX Convention Center Mall of Asia Complex. #TKToyExpo2016

Terms and conditions:

1. Promo code is valid for 1st 100 users per day.

2. Promo discount is Php50.00

3. Promo code is only valid going to SMX Convention Center Mall of Asia Complex

4. Promo code is valid for one time use only.

5. Promo code is valid from August 19-21, or until codes are used up, whichever comes first. 6. Promo code is valid for cash and card transactions.

7. Promo code is valid for GrabCar (Sedan, Premium, 6-seater)




2. LIMITED/EXCLUSIVE TOY RELEASED. Limited releases not found in stores will be in Toy Expo 2016! Hi MeTal will launch its Ghostbusters, Marvel and limited to 12 pcs Batman! Tomica will release its limited series like Star Wars and others. As for Hotwheels, they will release their limited exclusives – if you purchase their Buy Two, Take One series. And, who knows? You might be able to snag some other rare finds too!



3. PLUSH AND PLAY. Among the popular international toy brands, Plush and Play stands out with a marketplace themed booth filled with cutie plush toys of fruits and veggies. This is actually a Filipino toy brand born from a social enterprise! Plush and Play is in partnership with Gawad Kalinga to help give livelihood to a Bulacan Community. We managed to interview its founder; a french guy Fabien Courtelle, the social entrepreneur who started as a volunteer for Gawad. Fueled by passion and desire to help the less fortunate communities, his team of volunteers is managing a small farm producing quality plush toys. He wants the youth to engage in building social enterprises, but also to benefit the less fortunate as well. He is keen to have coproduction and welcomes interns that will aid him with the cause. So visit their marketstand and get a plushie toy! And, help support Plush and Play’s cause!

Toy Expo 2016 will be held in the 2nd Floor of SMX Convention Center MOA from August 19-21! Also, Be sure to use the official hashtag #TKToyExpo2016! Upload your photos on Instagram while at the Toy Kingdom Toy Expo 2016, use the hashtag #TKToyExpo2016, and claim your photo souvenir near the event exit! Don’t forget to keep your Instagram accounts public!

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