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BEST OF ANIME: Cosplaying in the local scene

Best of Anime


Imagine entering a mall and bumping into a group of people carrying swords and wearing clothes and donning hairstyles that would make Lady Gaga proud. Look around further and there are young people dressed as characters from games, animes, graphic novels, comic books, and the most recent fad, T.V. series and movies

No, you are not in a parallel universe. You are still on earth, or more specifically, you have just stepped into the world of Cosplay.

Cosplay is a word that combines costume and roleplay. It isn’t much different from an elaborate theatre production; the only thing different is that, for cosplayers, the stage is everywhere.

Cosplaying started in Japan in the late
70’s when people started wearing character costumes at fandom events and gather to meet and discuss different fandoms in an animated show.

In the Philippines, people are starting to appreciate and consider cosplaying as a serious hobby, spending money and time making and preparing their costumes. But it isn’t a cheap hobby as costumes can range from a simple t-shirt to elaborate high-fantasy armors complete with real-life looking weapons. They also prepare their skits when joining contests.


Cosplaying has its own rewards; from meeting like-minded people to gaining the respect of peers, especially the veterans. For cosplayers, it is a form of art, self-expression, it is a break from everyday mundane activities and it is a chance for people to live as the characters that inspired them, but most of all they just want to have fun.

Some cosplayers are even making it big in the non-cosplay industry. People such as Cosplay goddess Alodia Gosiengfiao and PBB Teen Winner Myrtle Sarosa have become well-known outside the cosplay niche.

First time cosplayers need not fret about going to a con and perfecting a portrayal because what is important is to have fun. Best of Anime 2012 has an amazing line-up of activity to make sure that people will have fun and that first time cosplayers and con-goers will forget their bashfulness in the event. Otakus, photographers, Japanese culture enthusiasts, gamers and all others will surely have fun as two whole days of eating, gaming, learning, and meeting people is in store. Plus, Japanese Visual-Kei band Uchusentai NOIZ will be coming for the first time in the Philippines for a meet and greet event.

Best of Anime 2012 is a co-located event of the 33rd Manila International Book Fair that will happen on September 15-16 at Function Rooms 4 & 5, 3rd Level SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex.

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