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Gail Simone is well known to be one of the best writers in DC Comics, Her fame comes across from underdog DC titles – Birds of Prey and Secret Six. Simone gives great delivery in handling of psyches of female characters, as well as in this first issue of volume of Batgirl. Despite the fact that I’m a new DC reader, I was well aware about Alan Moore’s famed horrific Batman-tale, The Killing Joke [resulted Barbara Gordon, daughter of Commisioner Gordon, paralyzed]. I didn’t mind that she returned, up and ready to fight against the crime of Gotham. Simone and artist – Ardian Syaf executed the book amazingly.

Because of what happened in The Killing Joke , Simone gives us a narrative of Barbara through her thought boxes expressing fear, angst, pride and joy during the whole issue. Appearing after three years of recovery, the trauma still affects Barbara’s everyday life, giving more possibilities for Simone to write and add more depth with this cowled heroine.

The story goes on to a new path where Barbara moves to new a home with a roommate, that can open fantastic and fun character relationship in the series. Also, added is a a mysterious villain – The Mirror. His intentions is still unknown, but he is excitingly intriguing enough to be a good potential for for Batgirl.

Ardian Syaf did a good job. Most of his panels and layout I liked. His designs in characters and sets were consistent. Any reader of this issue would agree that he brought it up to par.

Overall, I enjoyed this issue. Can’t wait to read the next issue. DC got me hooked to another Batman title.

Earl’s Take

Among the titles that was released this week, I gave my 100% support on Batgirl # 1 by Gail Simone and Ardian Syaf . There are many reasons why this book was for a while the hottest selling book when it came out even besting titles like Detective Comics # 1 and Action Comics # 1.

I sincerely believe that the reason pulled Batgirl was mostly because they were eager to find out what made her decide to ditch the Oracle identity and go back to being Batgirl again. Sadly though, we do not find out how that happens in the first issue (although that would have been pretty cool knowing how she did it right?)

Syaf’s art was impeccable. It was filled with the right amount of light and dark much like our titular character. It would have been a treat though if we could at least see some Adam Hughes artwork appearing inside the book aside from the covers that he provided for the book.

The main villain was pretty much “meh” and I would have preferred reading a story where the villain develops and makes his/her first appearance after an encounter with Barbara Gordon. Either way though the book’s cliffhanger ending was pretty cool and I’d love to see what happens when the second issue kicks in.

Verdict: Perfect

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