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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Unity #8 – Hits All Marks!

Story: Matt Kindt
Pencils: Stephen Segovia
Color: Brian Reber
Cover: Mico Suayan
Publisher: Valiant

The Armor Hunters storyline continues with its tie-in story in Unity #8, and while Armor Hunters #1 achieves a level that no other action-themed series has done prior to the storyline, Unity’s latest issue complements it, and exemplifies the unique flavor that Valiant has to offer.

Springing from the cataclysmic events of Armor Hunters, the Unity team goes on the move to rescue a Russian armor technology from the hands of their enemies. A catastrophic battle soon follows, and new recruits join the team as the conflict jumps to new heights.

So much anticipation has been given for this newest installment of Unity, but has it paid the hype in full?

I have to say, YES.

Matt Kindt’s story might be tight and short, but it is packed with right amounts of action and prose. It also references the events from Armor Hunters, and complements it beautifully. The script is snappy and natural to the core, as demonstrated by the conversations in this book. The banter between Gilad and Ninjak is great, including various “history lessons” from his past in an effort to explain the imminent failure of their strategy, lessons which Ninjak chooses to ignore as they go head to head with the Hunters.

What I liked best about this issue is the art. Stephen Segovia’s pencils are detailed and solid. In a way, his style here is visibly different from his previous gigs from Marvel and DC, and definitely consistent with Valiant’s trademark look. His panels and usage of heavy blacks bring a sense of movement and depth, which is much enhanced by Brian Reber’s colors. This duo surely left their mark etched, and they are a team to reckon with. Mico Suayan’s cover is also a feast to the eyes, and continues to impress with his folio for the said outfit.

If you’re not a fan of Valiant’s books, now is the best time to do so. Unity #8 might not have the same intensity that Armor Hunters #1 holds, but it snipes all the marks, and creates the springboard needed for the plot to go on.

8.5 Armors Out Of 10!

Yuri Mangahas

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