Posted October 20, 2011 by Norby Ela in Columns

LOKAL GRIND: Trese 4: Last Seen After Midnight Goes To Second Printing

“Shhh! Do you hear that? That’s the sound of the printing presses running the 2ND PRINTING of TRESE BOOK 4! Thank you very much everybody!!!” as Trese writer – Budjette Tan posted on the net.

It was no wonder that the local fame of the TRESE series keeps getting bigger and bigger with the mass nation-wide distribution.  Trese 4: Last Seen After Midnight creators: writer- Budjette Tan and artist – Kajo Baldisimo must be really, really ecstatic and happy with the outcome.

Neither details were released on how many copies were sold or anything about the next batch in the printing presses. But, it will still have it’s dust-jacket cover. I bid congratulations on both Trese creators and with their mighty-high success.

[Editor’s Note: After posting, Budjette Tan informed Flipgeeks: “had to check with Visprint. 1stprintrun of TRESE4 is 3,000 copies. 2ndprintrun will be 3,000 copies again.”]

Trese 4: Seen After Midnight 2nd Prints will be in all branches of National Bookstore, Powerbooks, and Bestsellers soon.

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