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The KOMIKON and KOMIKS Experience

It’s been weeks since the last KOMIKON (Summer Komikon 2012), and its high time that we wrote something about it. First, if you don’t know about the comics event KOMIKON – its the biggest comics event in Metro Manila which focuses on the indie and local comic book industry like no other event doesA lot of people think that the comics industry is dead in the country, but Komikon proves them wrong. If you’ve been there last May, you can really say that it is flourishing and that it can really grow bigger. Check out the short clip below , featuring the Flipgeeks boys (Earl, Kyle and Derek). Sorry for the shaky cam and quality, but hope you check it out very quickly:

I go to Komikon every year, and I can’t deny that it’s getting bigger – not only the crowd, but also the exhibitors and the creators/artists who participated in this event to showcase their products and talent. During the event we saw a lot of friends and familiar faces, especially new ones! Here are some komiks that I bought — Bayan Knights & Gilbert Monsanto Komiks, Trese by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo and Krisis Komix by FPJ Jr.

Below are some new komiks that were released this Komikon, the cover looks good and not the usual xerox’d  paper that most people think and assume — and for me this was really impressive. Oh and Pilak has full interior colors! And the quality especially artwise, on most of the new komiks has definitely leveled up. Below are the komiks — Pilak by Chua, Barrios and Valiente, Cadre by Magallona and Na, Guantes by Baet and Fajardo, Sympathy Inc by Baet and Enrique and Segovia Solutions by fellow Flipgeek – Jerry Uy with Amar.

I’m sure that there were a lot of good books that we missed, and if you did too, we can always check out local comic shops such as Comic Odyssey and Comicx Hub. For previews you can check our Pinoy Komiks section. The Komiks that we bought surely looks good and we will find time to review them and let you know what we think! Here’s another video clip of the Flipgeeks  boys strolling through the comics booths. At the middle part of the clip, you’ll see rakenrol cartoonist Manix Abrera having his own mini event inside Komikon — Gawd look at the line! It extends all the way to the exit! Walang pagod na nagpirma at kumausap sa mga fans, saludo kami sayo, rakenrol!!

This Komikon was also the first that the Flipgeeks boys did a panel interview, which turned out to be very casual and really fun. We interviewed Freely Abrigo and Elmer Damaso. It was just luck that we were able to do the interview, since Jiggy Cruz wasn’t available at that time. But he later arrived to do an awesome interview with Heubert Khan Michael:

Aside from komiks artists and writers, a lot of guests arrived such as Jiggy Cruz, Jay Tablante, Jinri Park and Dingdong Dantes:

But the most awesome guest that arrived later in the afternoon was the Supercrooks creative team of Leinil Yu, Gerry Alanguilan, Sunny Gho aaaaaaaaaaaand MARK MILLAR!!

Overall, Komikon was such a great experience that we hope everyone had shared. Fans, exhibitors, creators and artists will surely be looking forward to the next one. This event just keeps getting better and better, and it wouldn’t happen if not for the undying and growing love of fans and supporters. See you next KOMIKON!!


Note: Komikon photos courtesy by Carlo Pagulayan.

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