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VERTIGO Comics News That Will Surely Give You Vertigo

Get ready for some news that could give you a real headache!



Yes. You read it right – longtime Vertigo series “Hellblazer” is getting cancelled. Why? Well, according to DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Dan Didio, they’re ending Hellblazer in order to give way for a new ongoing series “Constantine” this coming March. And this is what he has to say via DC Comics The Source blog -

“We’re supremely proud of Vertigo’s HELLBLAZER, one of the most critically-acclaimed series we’ve published. Issue #300 concludes this chapter of Constantine’s epic, smoke-filled story in style and with the energy, talent and creativity fans have come to expect from Peter Milligan, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Stefano Landini. And no one should worry that John is going to hang-up his trenchcoat – he lives on in March, in the pages of the all-new DC Comics New 52 ongoing series, CONSTANTINE, by writer Robert Venditti and artist Renato Guedes”

Although this might be bad news for longtime loyal readers of the Vertigo book, a Constantine book may still be very good read with Venditti and Guedes on the creative team. The Constanine we’ll be expecting on the new series will be a younger one who is in the Justice League Dark book. So if DC is gambling on whether Constantine will sell more as a mainstream book or in a DC book, we’ll just have to wait. Hellblazer will end on issue #300, a landmark issue, and will surely bring in the moolah.

Do you guys think he’ll sell more in the DC mainstream in singles? or still be good in trades via Vertigo?


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Comics in Vertigo
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo movie was good, the original Swedish version. And then we had an American version, it was also good. But now…. here comes a comic book adaptation!! Really? Do we really need this kind of material in our comics, especially in the Vertigo line? Is DC Entertainment going on the direction on adapting movies into graphic novels?

Even if this works out and it turns out to be good in the comics medium, I would’ve rather wished that DC Entertainment brought in more creative titles/stories in the Vertigo line.

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