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MGCC: Official Merchandise Design Challenge (INTERNATIONAL contest)

MGCC Official Merchandise Challenge

Ziccotees would be nothing without our designers, YOU guys are the unsung heroes and we want to give back to you for being with us for all these years. Today we introduce our brand new, fresh out of the box Ziccotees Designer Challenge. In conjunction with #MGCCon2012 we will be running a design challenge where YOU, the designer will be rewarded for the awesome designs you submit. Now we get to the best part, what do YOU win? What would you say to 10% royalty from all Tees sold with your design on it? FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR! Yes we are serious, that’s how much we love you guys. The theme for the design challenge is games and comics so get your pencils, pens, mice and start designing already!

Check out more detals here: http://www.ziccotees.com/cms.php?id_cms=9




Final submission date: April 06, 2012


- The Winner gets bragging rights and 10% royalty on t-shirt sales for an entire year.

- Second and third place winners get 10% royalty on t-shirt sales for 6 months.

- Top 3 get signed limited edition Ziccotees t-shirts of their design (1 each)

- Top 3 get to attend the masterclasses and workshops for free on the 18th May!


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