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The Best of 2017 in Movies, Animation & TV!

Emjay Lapus (Contributor, Movies, TV and Animation, IG: @emjaylapus)

Best Film: Get Out
A lot of the films I’ve seen and enjoyed this year were either mindless fun (The Fate of the Furious), an emotional rollercoaster (Logan), or a nostalgia trip (Power Rangers). But the top dog for 2017 is the brainchild of Mad TV alum Jordan Peele. Aside from the cinematography and script, the excellent performances of Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, and the rest of the cast had a hand in the film’s staying power as a topic of discussion. Even until now, the film and its social overtones have been the subject of multiple healthy debates. And with the recent news surrounding its Golden Globe nomination, Get Out is also a film that transcends genres.

Best TV Show: GLOW
GLOW not only captured the aura of women’s wrestling in the 1980s; it was a caricature of the decade in general, which somehow makes it easier for non-wrestling fans to enjoy the series. Though Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, and Marc Maron gave performances worthy of their status as series leads, it was Britney Young’s role as Carmen a.k.a. Machu Picchu that caught my attention the most. And being a wrestling fan, I also got a kick out of the multiple cameos from relatively well-known in-ring competitors (yes, even Alex Riley’s appearance as Steel Horse) and the guidance provided by Chavo Guerrero, who serves as the show’s consultant and head trainer. If you’re looking for a throwback to ‘80s pop culture that doesn’t revolve around five kids from Hawkins, GLOW should probably be on your list.

Best Local Film: Patay Na Si Hesus
There’s a reason why this by far is the only local film I’ve seen in the theater more than once. From its quotable quotes to its unconventional storytelling, Patay Na Si Hesus is arguably the sleeper hit during the most recent Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino. The dialogue and natural comedic timing from the cast definitely resonated with the audience, who practically roared with laughter from start to finish. There was not a single moment when a joke fell flat in the theater. If there is one can’t-miss feel-good local movie for 2017, it’s this one.


Best Animated Project: Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie
Though it wasn’t completely perfect, The Jungle Movie served as a definitive conclusion to the classic Nicktoon by Craig Bartlett. It answered questions surrounding the fate of Arnold’s parents and clarified other mysteries left unanswered in the series, such as Arnold’s last name. Fans of the series will enjoy the trip down memory lane, but they may have to watch the two-part episode “The Journal” beforehand to truly feel the emotional weight the plot carries. In addition, the voice actors from the original cast returned without a skip in their step, while the new cast was able to stay faithful to the roles portrayed by their predecessors.


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