Posted September 5, 2011 by Norby Ela in Columns

LOKAL GRIND: Mervin Malonzo

Today, let’s do our usual rant. We’ll view the Comic Book/Webcomic Creator, Mervin Malonzo.

I had an interview with Mervin Malonzo back then when he started with his webcomic: Tabi Po. I saw true talent and potential on him. If I would ever had an award to give last year, I would just give him: The New Local Creator Of The Year Award/Most Promising New Talent Award.

Anyway, after over a year, he has done good. Tabi Po is now well known and just went digital to iTunes. He did The Quarterly Bathroom Companion Comics Compendium and Pepe and the Polygons.

I know this sounds like a f#%cking long intro for just a fan art. But, damn. He deserves it. Anyway, recently, he just did this fan art for a cover study of Josel Nicolas’ soon-to-be released comic, Windmills 4.

Isn’t it pleasing?

Norby Ela

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