Posted September 23, 2012 by Earl Maghirang in Collectibles

Street Fighter X Tekken Minimates Round 2 Figures Revealed

The second round is about to begin for the Street Fighter x Tekken Minimates from DST and Art Asylum.

The figures above will be the batch that will be released in specialty stores. This includes:

  • Ryu vs Yoshimitsu
  • Abel vs Kazuya
  • Hwoarang vs Chun-Li
  • Rufus vs Julia Chang

There’s also another TRU Exclusive batch which will feature:

  • Abel vs Kazuya
  • Ryu vs Yoshimitsu
  • Rolento vs Kuma
  • Hugo vs Heihachi

All of these figures will be released on January 2013.

Earl Maghirang