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Earlier today, video game publisher Capcom unveiled during their stage time at Comic-Con that a sequel to hit digital series Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist has been greenlit, with a release date of late 2015 or early 2016.

Entitled World Warrior, the sequel will be reuniting AF director/actor Joey Ansah(Akuma) with Mike Moh(Ryu), Christian Howard(Ken), and Gaku Space(Gouki).

It will be following the events of the earlier series’ ending, in which Ryu and Ken began to undertake their Warrior’s Pilgrimage. “The scale of ‘World Warrior’ is much larger, picking up where ‘Assassin’s Fist’ left off as we follow Ryu and Ken on their ‘Musha Shugyo’ ,” said Ansah. “The Shadaloo criminal cartel will be introduced, led by the extremely dangerous M.Bison, which will naturally lead into the World Warrior tournament.” It was mentioned that fan favorites Guile, Chun-Li, and Sagat will figure heavily in the sequel.

Earlier reports told that Scott Adkins is one of their top choices for the role of Guile.

Mark Wooding also hinted at the tone of the story, noting that it will be darker and personal than AF. “There are some big and primal themes which we’ll be exploring in the sequel. It will be thrilling and naturally, as befits the game, the fights will be epic, but it will be driven by the characters, their stories, faults and problems. It will be a dark tale.”

They also mused about the success of Assassin’s Fist, and how it started a new revolution for the franchise. “We demonstrated with ‘Assassin’s Fist’ that an authentic, live-action version of videogames, with a compelling and dramatic storyline, can be made,”, producer Jacqueline Quella shared with the crowd. She added that they’ll be pushing with this momentum and take the same approach as with the said series.

Assassin’s Fist was first announced at Comic-Con 2012, after the success of popular viral short Street Fighter: Legacy galvanized fans online to demand for an actual webseries.

We are delighted to be working again with the team that did such an excellent job with ‘Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist,”, said Matt Dahlgren, associate director of brand marketing at Capcom. “The response to it has been amazing, and working with filmmakers who are so passionate about the game is an extremely rewarding process.

A DVD and Blu-Ray release of AF is also imminent, as well as video-on-demand and download-to-own platforms. Content Media Corp will be handling the distribution. An unreleased epilogue will be included as well.

Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist can still be followed via the Machinima YouTube channel.

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