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Metro Comic Con 2011 – Indie Go (Guidelines and Registration)

Hear ye, Indie Creators!

The 3rd Metro Comic-Con (MCC) proudly brings back the INDIE GO! Valley! And yes, it’s still FREE! Free booth spaces with NO royalties whatsoever! You’ve seen it before, so you know we speak of the truth! It’s our only way of supporting the REAL hope of Komiks’ next generation. Now read on and be guided accordingly by our REVISED GUIDELINES, and be among the 25 lucky indie registrants to make it to our third outing!

The 3rd Metro Comic-Con

May 7 and 8, 2011

NEW Indie Go! Valley Guidelines

1. INDIE GO! VALLEY is METRO COMIC-CON’s official venue for INDIE CREATORS and their Comicbook Creations. It will be MCC’s centerstage for Komiks’ Next Generation of talents and real-life heroes.

2. Indie Go! Valley can accommodate a total of 25 Artists in all. In case of Indie Title/s produced by a group of artists, the group shall only be allowed to have ONE REPRESENTATIVE to do the selling of the title/s. This will be STRICTLY ENFORCED, so as to give a chance to more Indie Creators, be it Individual or Group, to sell their indies.

3. This year, Indie Go! Valley Registrants will again be required to purchase the 2-day entrance fee worth PhP 200 in advance (upon registration). This aims to give more push to the Indie Creators to RESPONSIBLE AND ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENT FOR 2 DAYS. Some successful registrants did not attend the previous MCCs, wasting slots that could’ve been given to other Indie Creators that didn’t make it on time.

NO FEES/SALES COMMISSIONS are to be COLLECTED after the 2-Day event.

Registration will still be on a FIRST COME-FIRST SERVED BASIS, therefore only the FIRST 25 Creators (as an Individual or a group) to send complete requirements (including the payment for the advance tickets –- payment details to be discussed later) will be accommodated.

4. THERE ARE NO LIMITS AS TO THE NUMBER OF COPIES YOU WILL BE ALLOWED TO SELL. Metro Comic-Con 2011 is a 2-day event, and the organizers leave it to the Indie Creators’ judgment the number of copies they think would be enough to sell within 2 days. However, the indie creators shall be required to DECLARE THE SPECIFIC TITLES/ISSUE NUMBERS/INDIE-RELATED ITEMS they will be selling.

5. Participants shall be allowed to sell ONLY THE ITEMS THEY HAVE DECLARED. THE ORGANIZERS HAVE THE RIGHT TO CONFISCATE items that were not declared but are being sold at the event.

6. The Indie Creators are expected to keep their materials READER-FRIENDLY. Comics with MATURE-THEMED STORIES are expected to have contents that would NOT go beyond artistic nudity and minimal cursing.


8. Participants are expected to be CONSIDERATE of other participants. YOU NEED NOT DISPLAY ALLYOUR ITEMS AT THE SAME TIME. This also holds true to those who plan to bring LARGE STANDEES/TARPAULINES. See to it that using the display won’t render the Indie Creators next to you NON-EXISTENT. Use your space wisely and considerably.

9. The use of electronic gadgets that would require electrical sockets and additional space such as LCD projectors, CD players, Mini-Component, is prohibited. The use of LAPTOPS/NOTEBOOKS is okay, granted that it will run on its own batteries and would not eat up other creators’ spaces.

10. Participants are expected to be at the venue at least 1 HOUR BEFORE THE EVENT STARTS, each day for 2 days. This is to make sure that everyone’s prepared before the entrance gate opens. Participants are also expected to clean up their places before leaving, after the event.

11. You’ve already read everything, now FILL OUT the REGISTRATION FORM! Once completed, email the filled-out registration form to MCC@sketchpadmanila.net This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , subjected as “MCC 2011 Indie REGISTRATION”. Please attach to your email along with the Registration Form DIGITAL COPIES OF THE COVERS OF YOUR INDIE/S in JPEG format, maximum of 100 dpi. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THE SAID REQUIREMENTS WOULD NOT GET YOU REGISTERED.

The MCC Team shall email you back with a confirmation of your email, along with the bank account number where you would be asked to deposit the PhP200 fee for the advanced tickets. Indie Creators will be given 2 working days to deposit the fee and to email us the payment details. A SLOT SHALL ONLY BE AWARDED TO THE REGISTRANT SOON AFTER THE COMPLETION OF THE PAYMENT. A list of successful registrants will regularly be updated and posted on the website and the MCC DeviantArt account, the MCC website www.metrocomiccon.com, and the Philippines’ fastest-growing online resource for Pinoys on everything pop culture, FLIPGEEKS www.flipgeeks.com.

12. The successful registrants shall be required to drop by the event venue during the egress period to claim their advanced tickets. Please stay tuned for more details and schedule info!

Click to Download the MCC Indie Go! Registration Form

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