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Flipgeeks’ Most Anticipated Games of 2017

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The games I usually play revolve around RPGs, action-adventure/rpgs and my favorite sport simulated game, NBA2K. I don’t have the luxury of having the time to play an all-nighter like I used to just a few years back. Nowadays, gaming is just the usual break from work and well, life. Well, enough of my rambling and here are the 3 games that I’m looking forward to for 2017:

Horizon Zero Dawn

Open world games are my usual fare when it comes to video games. Open world games are usually RPGs or action adventure games. These are the type of games that you can just play, save and leave. Games that you can play at your own pace just like Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn is an action-rpg by Guerilla Games and is an exclusive for the Playstation. You play as Aloy, a hunter who lives in a post-apocalyptic world run by robots. You might have seen a gameplay trailer of Horizon Zero Dawn and the game is simply gorgeous! From the humongous dinosaur like robots to its vast environments. If you haven’t seen a trailer, go ahead do. I highly recommend it that’s why it’s number 1 on my list. Pre-orders have already started and the game officially drops on February 2017.

Days Gone

Who says we can’t have another zombie-game? Zombie fans should be delighted (like me!) that another zombie themed game is coming out. There has been no official release date for Days Gone as of the time of this writing but I’m hoping that it’s also going to be released this 2017 as it was announced along with the otheer Playstation Games at last year’s EC3.

Days Gone is another open-world action-adventure game wherein you play as the cross-country motorcycle rider, Deacon St John. So far, the gameplay videos that I’ve seen reminds me of Resident Evil meets The Last of Us meets Dead Rising, which are my other favorite zombie games.

Spider Man

Spider-Man. Open world. Exclusive. I’m sold.

Everyone here at FlipGeeks knows how big of a Spider-Man fan I am and after seeing the trailer from E3, it got me hooked! Well, to be honest, I’m not really sold on his new costume with the white logo but I have a feeling that you’ll have the chance to switch costumes at some point in the game so it didn’t bother me that much. If the trailer is an indication (hopefully) of what the game is going to be like, then this could be the best Spider-Man game, EVER!

Again, I’m just hoping that this game gets released this year because just like Days Gone, there are no other details provided for this game. Even the title “Spider-Man” is only a working title until now and we’re already in January. Well, we have 11 more months ahead of us so we’ll just wait and see. Plus, I have still a backlog of games waiting to be played. lol.

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