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Jon Favreau won’t be returning to direct “Iron Man 3?

This news is just as disappointing to hear as any recasting and reboot issues Marvel films have had in the past. Having viewed the rumors this morning and now getting wind of confirmed reports via Comic Book Resources, it seems that Jon Favreau, the director of the Iron Man films, WILL NOT return to direct Iron Man 3.

This is pretty sad news to hear, considering Favreau is one of the few and rare directors with the passion and understanding for comic books and characters such as ol’ shellhead. Were it not for his contributions and vision, Iron Man wouldn’t have turned into the blockbuster franchise that it is today, and given the success of said franchise, the director has moved up the Hollywood ladder and is now going on to direct other sweet projects such as the upcoming “Cowboys & Aliens” and Disney’s forthcoming “Magical Kingdom“.

Admittedly, “Iron Man 2” did not share the same quality of enjoyment as the first film, but Jon Fav had a tight 2 year schedule to work around with, and the final product was still enjoyable despite the pacing issues. Still, Favreau’s recent tweet confirmed a rumored report by Vulture that he won’t be returning to direct the next sequel, which is a bummer in every sense. Robert Downey Jr. is still contractually obliged to return as Tony Stark/ Iron Man, but we won’t be getting the heart and soul behind the franchise… unless he returns to star as Happy Hogan, which Jon has done in the past two films as well.

Still, this change in creative control issue is far depressing for this Iron Man fan, and who knows what the future will bring for the franchise come 2013.

Iron Man 3 soars into theaters on May 3, 2013


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