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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Green Arrow #27 – On The Verge Of Nirvana

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist / Cover: Andrea Sorrentino

We have to admit: Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino are sementing their place as one of GA’s definitive teams with each issue, bringing up something that’s thoroughly unique and exciting at every turn. Green Arrow #27 on the other hand, fully realizes the true potential of their combi, bringing the current arc’s stakes to further heights.

The book centers around Oliver Queen and Shado as they return to the Island with the intent of retrieving the Green Arrow, a totem that was said to bring tranquility to anyone who yields it. Along the way, more secrets were fleshed out and new ones fly out in the open, whilst the Shield Clan makes their debut and faces up against our unlikely duo.

What I liked about this issue is that Jeff Lemire was able to weave elements of the present timeline with those from Ollie’s past in the Island, resulting in a dramatic intersection of both. Impressively, these flashbacks complement the events that occur in the main story without getting in their way.  Another thing that’s noticeable is his choice of revealing a major twist halfway the arc instead of doing so at a latter moment in the storyline, making the readers grip at what may happen next. The script is spot on, and there’s also a minimal amount of humor implemented too. The part where Ollie jokes about getting trick arrows just cracked me up.

But what makes this a product of total finesse is Andrea Sorrentino’s art. Her ability to create amazing action sequences is worthy of agape. Her style blends with Jeff Lemire’s paneling approach perfectly, preventing confusion from setting in and making it easy for us to follow what happens scene by scene. There is also a fluid sense of movement, and the use of multiple panels & minimalist colors is downright superb, complementing the mood of the story nicely.

In conclusion, Green Arrow #27 is a near-perfect comic book, taking the Outsiders War arc to full speed. If you haven’t picked this issue, then I suggest you do so, and marvel at the possibilities of what this teamup can offer.


We would like to thank Comic Odyssey The Fort for this copy. They are located at the fourth floor of Fully Booked near Bonifacio High Street, BGC.

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