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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: The Ravagers # 1

Reviewing The Ravagers # 1 from DC Comics by Howard Mackie, Ian Churchill, and Norm Rapmund


The “Second Wave” of New 52 titles continues to roll with the Ravagers. This new book features a gaggle of characters from the Teen Titans as well as from the now defunct “Wildstorm” universe.

 First issue of a new series spinning directly out of “THE CULLING!”• FAIRCHILD, brother and sister THUNDER and LIGHTNING, the monstrous RIDGE, BEAST BOY and TERRA are being pursued by ROSE WILSON and WARBLADE, who want them dead at any cost!

• No one’s survival is certain each month in THE RAVAGERS!

I was mildly interested in the Culling storyline. Sure it sucked in a lot of different aspects but it was still a nice excuse to read a crossover between the Teen Titans, Superboy and the Legion Lost. I found it cool to also see the different “personalities” clash and come together to beat the snot out of the mysterious villain known as “Harvest”.

Going back, the Ravagers # 1 aims to introduce the main characters to the DC readers. However rather than providing us a good jumping on point for new readers we are actually left scratching our heads. The new reader might wonder who are Warblade and the rest of the psychotic Rose Wilson while we also get to learn very little about the members of the team.

Some of the members might seem strange and I’m guessing that DC editorial was looking to create a more diverse group of characters. Problem is, it’s just not my cup of tea.

The saving factor for The Ravagers # 1 would probably be the art. Ian Churchill was one of the artists that are still under the radar. But I honestly love the way he draws the teenagers in this book. He even makes Warblade and Rose look more bloodthirsty than what they really are.

But most importantly he draws a mean Caitlin Fairchild in this new book.

And yes, I kinda dig the whole “She-Hulk” peg for Fairchild. She’s also showing signs of being a great character in this monthly book. Other characters “voices” are really hard to discern. With the exception of Ridge who shows a bit of “British-ness” in him, its easy to confuse which character is talking.

The colors and the inks are solid for this book. Giving credits to the rest of the creative team for this. Also the cliffhanger definitely ends well in a cliffhanger which is fairly awesome. I’m giving this a chance for the next issue.


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