Posted September 2, 2010 by Norby Ela in Comics

Review: Sweet Tooth #7

Sweet Tooth has been one of the best new titles (like Chew, Greek Street, The Unwritten) that has been released in 2009. Just to let you know, at that time, I tried starting to open up my field because I’ve been a loyal Marvel reader. Yet, I’ve been attracted to DC’s Vertigo line. I’ve read Y the Last Man and Preacher. I was so amazed by it’s non-superhero concepts. They’ve been beautifully well-written stories. And this book is just a perfect fit and theme for the Vertigo line for it’s strange, bizarre and akward setting of the story and art style. This book has been solid ever since from the start. Jeff Lemire has been a brilliant story-teller. He is the writer and artist.

In this issue, Gus, our 9-year-old antlered friend is still imprisoned in ‘The Preserve’. In the pages, you will see some details about this facility. Also, Lemire will introduce to us a Dr. Singh. But, Lemire let us focused to Jepperd from the main character. He concentrated the history of Jepperd. Lemire expressed a good depth of drama for this character. He tries to make us understand on why is this character so wasted and f***ed up.

At the end of this issue, Lemire gives us a good cliffhanger that is still questioned about Jepperd’s background. This second issue of Sweet Tooth’s story arc: In Captivity left me giving me more interest about this character. Even there is not much dialogue and a low concentrated numbers of characters, from panel-to-panel he showed drama and good sequenced art.

This is an ongoing series that you should follow and read. You will be left well-satisfied.

Norby Ela

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