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A Closer Look At the Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer (Details and Possible Easter Eggs)

If you’ve watched the trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins (watch here if you haven’t), for sure most of you are very much excited and hyped up for it’s release this October. In that excitement though, especially seeing Deadshot battling it out with Batman, you may have not noticed some tidbits, possible easter eggs and other details that were in the trailer. But don’t worry folks! We’ll give you a closer look at the details we found in the trailer. Enjoy!


Dixon Dock/s is a homage to Chuck Dixon (a long-time bat0book writer). A lot of areas and landmarks in the Batman comics have names that are homages to important Batman creators. We don’t know yet if this place is actually important to the main storyline.

2. Details on the table

Right before the action begins in the trailer, we see a close-up shot on a table. It shows a calendar that definitely tells us it’s Christmas day and that story will revolve during the holidays. What’s more intriguing is the ‘R’ mark on the right side, is it possible that we’ll be seeing a younger Dick Grayson? or even his version of Robin?!

Batman Arkham Origins Dick Grayson Robin

3. Queen Industries

Here’s an easy one for DC / Batman Fans. The box shows a Queen Industries logo and it’s definitely an easter egg for Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow. He’s involvement in the game? — unknown.

Batman Arkham Origins Queen Industries Green Arrow

4. Amertek

Amertek is a military industrial firm in the DC Universe, and it is known more because of it’s employee – Dr. John Henry Irons aka Steel (yep, that Superman with a hammer). Who knows? Maybe John Henry Irons or Steel will make an appearance.

Batman Arkham Origins Amertek

5. Some thoughts on the villains 

Deathstroke, Black Mask and Deadshot makes their appearance in the trailer. Penguin is the only confirmed character that didn’t make an appearance. We have no problem with these dudes joining in the fun, and I’m excited for Deathstroke especially since he’s a playable character (pre-order only). Their agenda seems simple enough, “kill the batman”. We don’t know yet why they’re hunting down the Batman.

Batman Arkham Origins Villains Deathstroke Black Mask Deadshot

On a side note, some of us maybe a bit disappointed because rather than we get a direct sequel to Arkham City, we get a prequel. Some of us might have already accepted the fact about what happened to the Joker and might still think there’s something more into it that we haven’t seen yet. But for me, I felt a bit bad about some characters that were teased in Arkham City especially Tommy Elliot aka Hush and Azrael. But after watching the trailer, I’m beginning to have hope that we might see the two or see something that’s connected to them in Origins.

Maybe Jean-Paul Valley appears? Some back story between Bruce Wayne and Tommy Elliot? The way I see it, Origins is another game that would be perfect for these character’s development leading to a direct Arkham City sequel.

So what are your thoughts after seeing the trailer? Hope you guys enjoyed our insights and we definitely would love to hear yours!

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