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“Legends speak of a place where worlds collide and mighty heroes battle for dominance…”

Blizzard famously known for games such as Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo is releasing the most anticipated game of the year called Heroes of the Storm. We’ve known Blizzard over the years to release great games that we’ve all grown to love and these games all had sequels and you know what? They’re bringing all of these games into one! In Heroes of The Storm you get to have famous characters from these different games like Abaddon , Illidan, Diablo, Kerigan, Jim Raynor fight each other!

Heroes of the Storm would be a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) that features characters from  these different franchises. MOBA games are built like DOTA, Heroes of Newearth and League of Legends where the objective of the game is destroying the enemy base and levelling up your character by killing other players in the game. Im not really good when it comes to these type of games (another way of saying that I suck) but after seeing the trailer for Heroes of the Storm I would definitely try this game!

As to what I’ve read so far, Heroes of the Storm is planned to be a free-to-play online distributed game supported by micro-transactions (purchases like character items,costumes,etc) like how most games are designed today. If the plan pushes through, Heroes of the Storm would definitely give current games, its competitors a serious run for their money. Imagine fans of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo all coming to play one game and Blizzard has a big fan base!

Heroes of the Storm could possibly bring back fans to its fold after the recent disappoint with Diablo III. Heroes of the Storm could be the next big thing since World of Warcraft or may be even DOTA , the game in my opinion that started the MOBA gaming popularity.

No additional information is provided as of this time but be sure to check back as once details are available we would sure to update you with all the sweet news Blizzard would be providing! For now enjoy that jaw dropping cinematic trailer (highly recommended to be viewed in HD) and the sneak peak of the gameplay for Heroes of the Storm. If you have Battle.net accout you could sign up for a beta version of Heroes of the Storm at their official site.

Heroes of the Storm Cinematic Trailer

Heroes of the Storm Gameplay Sneak Peak

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