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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Avengers vs X-Men # 4

Reviewing Marvel ComicsAvengers vs X-Men # 4 by Jonathan Hickman and John Romita Jr.

The search for Hope Summers continues with X-Men and Avengers scrambling across the globe in a race to find the mutant messiah. Also Wolverine finds an unexpected ally in Antarctica.

The latest issue of Marvel’s summer event book picks up with Wolverine stuck in the middle of a winter wasteland where he gets picked up by well somebody important.

The book gets back on its feet shortly after falling short from last issue. The book has returned to what we all have been expecting. Battles. Lots and lots of battles between X-Men and Avengers including the battle between Gambit and Captain America and even Storm versus Black Panther.

Meanwhile we also get to see what is happening with the Avengers away team or what’s left of them anyway. If there’s anything to be redeemed from this part of the book, its got to be that this is the real Thor vs. the Phoenix Force.

I can say that for this issue, John Romita Jr.‘s art has stabilized a bit. I’m still sticking to my old opinion that this book could have been better if they chose a different artist to tackle the main book.

Another good thing about AvX # 4 is the sudden change of dialogues and writing style. Sure we still read Jason Aaron’s influence all over the book but there’s something about Jonathan Hickman and his writing style that will make you really sit up and read every single word. Or maybe because this is so far from Brubaker’s last issue.

Overall its still the same song and dance number. They just changed a few members of the dance squad but its all still the same. Only a few changes and a nice cliffhanger ending in a place very familiar with the X-Men including Cyclops.

This is still a good read and its still an entertaining book that moves the story forward (albeit in a forced way). Still perfect for X-Men and Avengers fans.

That and this issue also changes the very idea of  a BEAR TRAP / BEER TRAP…

VERDICT: 8.5/10

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Earl Maghirang