Posted June 26, 2012 by Mikael Angelo Francisco in Comics


Marvel has always been really  good at drumming up interest for upcoming events, and this time, the House of Ideas has done it again, just in time for the upcoming San Diego Comic Con! This is apparently what Marvel has in store for us in October, right after the conclusion of Avengers vs X-Men… A serious WAR.


Thor‘s hammer, broken and sparking. Wolverine, apparently regenerating amidst roaring flames. Captain America‘s shield, scratched and bloodied. Iron Man, with bullet holes in his helmet. (Could this be a nod to Anti-Metal/Antarctic Vibranium?) Spider-Man and Black Widow, both under threat of gunfire. We initially speculated that this “War” could be either the aftermath of AvX (they could be dealing with a reconstituted, not-residing-inside-Nightwingclops Phoenix itself in all its horrifying, planet-destroying glory) or the much-awaited Ultron War (that Marvel has been hinting at for the longest time).

However, FlipGeeks reader Ghani Madueno pieced it together early on, and suggested that this could be a relaunch of a particular Punisher title, thanks to the font of the letters used in the teasers. Other readers have also pointed out that the artist for these teasers seems to be the regular artist for the Punisher monthly ongoing, Marco Checchetto (note the way Spider-Man’s eye lenses are drawn here).

Thanks to this latest teaser, we now have official confirmation from Marvel.

PUNISHER WAR ZONE…Coming in October 2012!

Mikael Angelo Francisco