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Rebooted DCU : The fuss and What to Get ?

As we all know, the DC Universe gets “rebooted” this September, after the DCU Event — Flashpoint by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert. A lot of rants and raves surrounds the DC reboot – the designs, Superman not married to Lois, What happens to Batman Inc, What happens to all the Lantern coprs that they built this past years, etc… Oh and DC superheroines not wearing skirts!

Although the DCU gets shaken up pretty hard, readers are seemingly left with no choice but to ride with the flow – well, for those who are still interested when September comes anyway. But still, with 52 books coming out, a lot looks cool, interesting and might actually be worth picking up. The DCU has loads of great characters, and having #1 issues of these books may be a good starting point. Though continuity gets the reset button, and if DC will really change the character Origin Stories but still maintaining its essence – a boy sent to earth from krypton, a couple murdered in front of their son, the greatest weapon in the universe given to a human by a dying alien – hopefully, DC produces great stories from the fresh start.

Some say that continuity and canon should not get in the way of telling good stories, but some say they get in the way. But for now, we’re pretty sure we can’t do anything from stopping DC and we just have to accept it and hope this new books are a blast to read. 52 books to choose from, some characters are from VERTIGO, some WILDSTORM. Books featuring old and new characters, featuring redesigned costumes (NOTE: SOME OF THEM SUCK). But here are my top picks from the 52, hopefully they dont go out at the same time every month coz its gonna be pricey!!

Action Comics #1
by Grant Morrison and Rags Morales

– GRANT MORRISON IS WRITING. nothing more to say.

Green Lantern Books
by Johns, Tomasi & Bedard ….. and Milligan!

– Tomasi (Green Lantern Corps) and Bedard (GL: The New Guardians) , led by fearless GL champion – Geoff Johns (Green Lantern), still looking to expand the GL mythos. And Peter Milligan is in it too, he’ll be writing RED LANTERNS which will prominently feature the Red Lantern Atrocitus. Though im not sure if Rebirth to Pre-Flashpoint will still be in cannon, im sure Johns will find a way.

by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis
– Johns and Reis, the duo that has given us all the Lantern goodness the past 2 years – Sinestro Corps War, Secret Origin and Blackest Night will be spearheading the King of the Seas, yes, the hero who talks to fishes hehe, but still Aquaman ruler of the seas should not be taken lightly! Well with this book, just imagine this — If Johns and Reis did a Space opera, why not a “Sea opera” ? With 90% of the ocean unmapped, the possibilities , ideas that Johns can put in the book are endless.


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